In Results, author Derick Grant shares a 100-day devotional for athletes to inspire them with God’s teaching. All of these devotionals are inspired by true stories, written by Derick and informed by the firsthand accounts of things he has experienced over the years. Having a background in working with athletes ranging from youth all the way to professionals, he has geared Results toward all of us who strive to be all God has created us to be. But Results isn’t exclusively for athletes—every one of us has an “inner athlete” that drives us to be competitive in whatever field it may be.

Remember, the results are a byproduct of what you did in the beginning, middle, and end of your journey—and God is there with us through all of our successes and failures, opening doors to the next bigger, better opportunity. Continue to walk in your faith, and learn to fully trust God for guidance and direction. While it may seem like there is no path, God will see you through it.

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In the sports world, the championships get all of the credit, but it’s the day-in and day-out commitment along the journey that is responsible for those results. Our lives are no different—if you want to get to heaven, you must first learn to follow and walk the walk of faith as Jesus did throughout your life